First of all, our pets must have proper hygiene, and therefore it is advisable to establish a daily brushing routine in a space isolated from the rest of the home.

In this way, you will be able to eliminate dead hair to prevent it from spreading on the floor, on the sofa, or on the furniture.

In addition, you will make your dog or cat have healthier, shinier, and cleaner dog hair.

Vacuum floors and surfaces

The second step is to pick up the hair in the house with the brush or with the vacuum cleaner and it is advisable to do this frequently, both on the floor and on the sofas, armchairs, and other surfaces.

This will prevent hairs and mites from accumulating.

An alternative is the robot aspirator, as some of them are designed to quickly catch pet hair.

For these technological advances, you can find different models on the market, although you should make sure that they incorporate special functions and accessories to eliminate any trace of hair.

To do this, it is very important to check that they have sufficient suction power and a suitable brush.

Use microfiber mops or cloths

When scrubbing to clean the living room, kitchen, or bathroom floors, it is important that the mop has absorbent properties, so one of the best materials is microfiber.

It is capable of absorbing and retaining dirt and dust and, of course, animal hair.

On the other hand, another option for furniture surfaces is to use rubber gloves that are commonly used to wash dishes and kitchen utensils.

They are ideal for getting rid of lint that accumulates.

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