If there is one good thing about confinement periods, it is that they allow us to spend more time with our dogs. Sometimes the whole day. Now, it is easy to feel guilty when you have to leave your dog home alone after the mobility restrictions are over. In this post, we give you some tips to help you and of course to help your dog.

Dogs are social animals and, therefore, loneliness can affect them negatively, especially when it becomes a frequent and prolonged situation over time.

Reflections to leave your dog alone at home without feeling guilty

Many of the people who used to work outside the home now telework or combine telework days with other face-to-face days. How do we make our dogs understand that?

There are ways to get a dog used to being home alone and keeping it calm. Even when our work schedules are changeable. But before going into explaining the guidelines that can help your dog, take a look at these others. Because if you feel guilty about having to be absent during your workday, here are some thoughts that may help you: 

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