The cat is an animal of habit. If there are changes in his kingdom, he has his own methods of expressing his discomfort. That is why it may happen that the cat purposely relieves itself on the baby’s things or the new spouse’s bedside. So How To introduce cats To Get Accept a new member In Your Home?

For cats, urine and droppings are important means of communication to express that they do not like something. In that case, a balance must be found. Thus, the new spouse, for example, maybe in charge of feeding the cat and playing with it. This way you relate positive experiences with this new person and you will accept them better.

An alternative to sleeping space in the bed

If the cat previously had permission to climb into the bed, now you can set up a pleasant place to sleep in the room. Thus, the possibility of staying in bed is taken away, but an acceptable alternative is offered.

It can be problematic to turn a room into a child’s room that the cat is suddenly forbidden to access. You could thus link the new inhabitant of the house with the negative experience.

If the child has not arrived yet, the cat may be allowed to enter. So, you can inspect new items like the child’s bed. It becomes part of the home.

A second cat is not always welcome how to introduce cats

Problems can arise if another cat comes into the house. This is sometimes not well received by the cat that already lived in the home. And it is that cats do not like to share their territory and their humans.

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