Gerbils are small, sweet, and lively rodents that make beautiful additions to any family.

They love to play in the water, so it is a good idea to introduce them early to

animals, especially if you have an outdoor cat or dog.

Gerbils will live happily with a variety of other animals and people. But, if you want your new pet to be healthy, you need to provide them with a safe home.

Gerbils are relatively easy to care for when you provide them with a high-quality cage, food, litter box, and water. Gerbils need plenty of water and space to exercise.

To begin with, if you house your gerbils in an apartment, it is best to use a

plastic tub that can hold at least 2 gallons of water.

If you have a large cage, then you should buy several plastic jars that can be

added to the water supply.

Gerbils Food

Gerbils will eat most types of food that you can feed them, including human nutrition and baby food.

It is a good idea to mix their food up a little so that you can also get their

the daily dosage of vitamins and minerals.

There are many brands of food explicitly designed for gerbils, and they come in most varieties. Some brands even contain special enzymes and probiotics that promote good digestion and a healthy digestive system. This can help prevent some diseases that can affect gerbils, such as flatulence.

Gerbils like Toys

Gerbils like a variety of toys, but nothing too vigorous. You can hang toys off of wooden railings in their cage. There are also several types of water baby gerbils on the market, including ones that are organic.

You might want to consider buying a vegetarian one if you plan on keeping the animal around for the long haul.

While they don’t need to be fed often, you should give them good solid food once or twice a day.

Gerbils enjoy having a playpen, but if you get one that is too big, they can wreak havoc on your flooring.

Most pets like to run into things, so it’s essential to get their bodies turned

out of the way before they reach whatever they are playing with.

You can add toys to their playpen but be sure that they are safe to move in. Some types of gerbils may be considered dangerous because they can easily swallow small toys.

You’ll want to put the toys far away from their water dishes so that they don’t get into them accidentally.

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